Hello and welcome to 53 Peaks Later! I am Ted Barnett, the creator of this blog as well as the brand Altitude Sports Performance. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Professional Ultimate Frisbee player, and outdoor adventurer.

After growing up in the “happiest place on earth,” Mickey Mouse’s home, and the tourism capital of Florida, Orlando, I have found myself in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Shortly after arriving in July of 2016, I set a personal goal to climb all 53 14’ers in the state of Colorado to show and motivate my clients and the people I meet (and the people that read this blog!) that anything is possible. I will be doing all this in a year’s time, completing my last peak by July 2017.

I am always looking for ways to push my body to new heights. My goal was created and inspired by this: The busyness and stress of life makes it easy to get caught up living to work. But, every obstacle brings opportunity. I believe this goal will motivate me to overcome stress and busyness and enjoy what nature and life have to offer. Hopefully this endeavor will inspire and motivate others to get out and enjoy life the same, whether that means climbing 14’ers, scuba diving, or going for a walk and enjoying the sunset. Plus, I cannot think of a better way upon my arrival to Colorado than to showcase one of the greatest features of my new home!

Follow me as I attempts to complete all 53 peaks here on the blog, Facebook (www.facebook.com/TBarnett5), and Twitter (@Ted_Ultimate).

If you are interested in setting and achieving your own fitness goals, Altitude Sports Performance wants to help! We exist to help you make the seemingly impossible possible. Whether your goal is to get healthier, run faster, grow stronger, or cross something off of your bucket list, please reach out through any of my social media outlets to find out what we can do for you.


“What is a 14’er?” – A 14’er is a mountain where the peak rises 14,000 feet above sea level. While technically there are 58 total peaks that stand at 14,000 feet, some peaks do not qualify as separate peaks because of the proximity to an adjacent peak. Each peak has its own name but the unofficial peaks are noted on my schedule with an asterisk (*).