Preview: Mt. Lindsey

Unlike most of the 14’ers, Mt Lindsey is not very well know and a lot of people don’t really know it exists. Sitting Southeast of the Zapata Falls and Great Sand Dunes, Mt. Lindsey is often overlooked. From its initial geological survey until 1953, the peak was named “Mt. Baldy” because of how much of the peak is above the tree line. Later on the peak was renamed after Malcom Lindsey, a Colorado Mountain Club member and renowned mountaineer, because it was his favorite peak. After his passing in 1951 the club positioned to have the peak renamed and in 1953, the name was officially changed.

After doing the weather scouting and research on the peak, this looks to be a great climb to start the year on. Because of its high exposure, a lot of snow should have melted by now and I should have a mostly clear path. My only issue is a predicted storm that may or may not hit around 1pm. Fortunately, this 8 mile round trip trail should provide a great opportunity for Tuk to hit his 1st 14er and short enough that we get back to the car in time. But as always, safety first.


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