Long Winter!

IMG_0004It has been a long winter of fun adventures, in particular learning how to ski and snowboard. No days of hiking 14ers meant a solid 70 days in on the slopes. As the resorts start to close and trees start to bloom, it means it is time to get back to the trails. With 21 of the 58 climbs to go and 2 months to complete it, the snow can’t melt fast enough. To keep my passion alive, I have been doing a lot more manageable winter hikes in addition to my snowboarding and skiing including Mt. Sanitas, Hanging Lake, Red Rocks, the Flatirons, and North and South Table mountains. These snowy and icy trails were a pleasant change of pace and provided some amazing winter wonderland views. This was a new experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone.




The major news from this winter came a few short months ago in the form of a new hiking partner. Tuk is a Bernedoodle (50% Bernese Mountain dog and 50% Poodle) and his name derives from the Swahili term for adventurer “Tukio.” After a quick flight to Spokane, WA to meet the breeder and pick him up, we were on a flight back and ready to take on Colorado. He has taken to the snow and trails like a champ and I can’t wait to start bringing him along on some of these longer hikes.


As I am trying to plan out the first set of hikes, however factoring in the weather is EXTREMELY important. It is very common in the spring and early summer months to have afternoon storms which means its even more critical that I get up early, hit the mountain hard, and keep my eyes on the skies. I still have not figured out which peak I will start with and the weather will be a determining factor in this decision. So keep an eye out as the preview post will most likely be less than 24 hours before the climb. I appreciate everyone who follows me (and now Tuk) as we look to complete the remaining 14’ers.


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