Mt Shavano and Tabeguache Peak


Tomorrow holds two 14’ers, both of which are named after the Ute Indians who once thrived in these mountains. Tabeguache is Ute for “people who camp on the sunny side of the mountains.” Mt. Shavano doesn’t directly translate but is named after Chief Shavano of the Ute tribe. Located in the San Isabel National Forest, Mt. Shavano is famous for the Angel of Shavano, a snow formation in the image of an angel that emerges on the east face of the mountain during snow melt each spring.

This 12 mile hike should be a pleasant change to the difficult and challenging mountains of Mt. Castle and Longs Peak. I will climb 4800 feet in a gradual consistent pace the entire time. The trail looks to have very low exposure, so the risk of rockslides or falling is very low. With pleasant weather predicted, it should be a great day in the mountains and a gentle hike before I head to the west coast for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament this weekend.


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