Capitol Peak


Capitol Peak is the most daunting of any mountain Colorado has to offer. This 17 mile hike is rated the most difficult of all fifty three peaks thanks to the rigorous Class 4 trails that scale it. The first and last 5 miles are positioned through fields and forest, however I should be able to maintain a visual of the mountain the entire approach (and descent if I look over my shoulder).

This peak was named by Hayden Survey who thought it looked similar to the U.S. Capitol building. This behemoth is famous for the completely exposed “knife edge” (pictured below) where hikers are converted in to climbers as they traverse over jagged edge of rock. With no other way to get to the summit, the 60 foot drop from the sharp edge of the ridge can be lethal. At 13,500 feet high, crossing the knife could be a very daunting mental task to overcome. With good weather, Capitol Peak just might be the most rewarding and beautiful experience of all of the treasure trove of peaks before and behind me. I am looking forward to conquering fears and hopefully inspiring others to push the boundaries of what we believe we are capable of.



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