Longs Peak

Longs Peak was renamed in honor of the explorer Steven Harriman Longs in 1890. The mountain was previously named “Les Deux Oreilles” which means “The Two Ears” (Meeker and Longs were combined with one name). Sitting alone in the Rocky Mountain National Park they are often called “Twin Peaks” because of the 13,911 foot Mt. Meeker whom it is saddled with. However, Longs Peak is a 14,259 foot challenge all of its own and probably one of the more dangerous mountains to climb. Rapid weather changes, close proximity to the city, and not having a road to the top contribute to a lot of the issues that result from ascending the mountain. The success rate of summiting is about 50% according to Rocky Mountain National Park Rangers and so far has registered over 60 deaths.

The 15 mile route will take me around the East and South side of Chasm Lake up to the flats called “the Loft.” From there I will be able to take a small detour to Mt. Meeker before making the final climb up to the peak through “The Notch.” After summiting Longs Peak, I will descend down the keyhole and boulder field before I meet back up with the trail and head for home. This will be a good test to see how proficient I have become at these Class 3 climbs and long day hikes before I start to move into he high and dangerous Elk Mountains which hold multiple class 4 climbs.


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