Mt. Bross, Mt. Democrat, Mt. Lincoln, and Mt. Cameron


This cluster of 14’ers provides a unique and challenging day of hiking. Mt. Bross, another silver mining mountain was first claimed in 1869. With only 312 feet elevation difference between Mt. Bross and Mt. Cameron, the two nearly don’t qualify as an independent peaks.

Mt. Democrat was originally named Buckskin Peak but was renamed in 1883 to Mt. Democrat.

Mt. Lincoln is the tallest of the four peaks and tallest in the Mosquito Mountain Range sitting at 14,286 ft. Mt. Lincoln is quite obviously named after the nation’s 16th president, Abraham Lincoln.

Mt. Cameron is not categorized as an independent peak since it does not have 300 feet of elevation difference between itself and its adjoining mountain, Mt. Lincoln. However, the peak of Mt. Cameron still sits above 14,000 ft and is noted as a 14’er with an asterisk. The history of Mt. Cameron’s name is contested and unclear.

The trail I have mapped will begin at the East Slope working up from Mineral Park to Mt. Bross. From my first summit, I will descent 2,000 feet to Kite Lake which should provide the ideal view of all four mountains. I will then reascend to 14,000 feet, this time summiting Mt. Democrat. I will make my way across to Mt. Cameron and then an easy jaunt to Mt. Lincoln. Once I have summited all four peaks, I will then head back to Mt. Bross and then descent from where I came. This 15 mile round trip hike will be one of the longest hikes I will do.


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