Mt. Bierstadt & Mt. Evans


Unlike Grays and Torreys Peaks, Mt. Bierstadt and Mt. Evans are not connected. Nonetheless, I plan on tackling both in the same day despite the difficulty level involved. Since I can expect Colorado to experience decent snowfall and uncomfortably low temperatures once the winter months come, I have already foreseen that my hiking schedule will be stalled for some time. Therefore, I am attempting to average two to three peaks per week before that time so as not to get behind. Because of the proximity of the mountains, tomorrow is just another opportunity to do so. Mt. Evans is located just northeast of Mt. Bierstadt and while it is possible to climb both, it is not recommended. Nonetheless, my plan is to give it a try.

Mt. Bierstadt is named after the famous landscape painter who was the first recorded to have ascended the peak in 1963.  Starting on the West Slope Trail of this peak, I will be able to hike the class 2 trail 3.5 miles, climbing a total of 2,850 ft to the summit.

Bierstadt originally named the mountain that is now Mt. Evans after his late wife, Monte Rosa. The peak was later renamed after Colorado’s second governor John Evans who severed from 1863-1865. The giant, rising 14,271 ft in elevation, rivals the top mountains in the area. The additional 6.75 miles will be a difficult class 3 climb similar to the descent of Torreys Peak. This peak will be no easy task to climb, in fact I believe it will be a great test to see how I have acclimated to the altitude and perhaps set a new benchmark for my limitations.

I will need an early start Tuesday morning to complete the 10. 25 mile hike over very difficult terrain. Right now, the forecast is saying scattered thunderstorms and afternoon showers. It may be a day of decision to continue on as planned.


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