Grays and Torreys Peaks


Grays Peak is the 10th highest summit of the Rocky Mountains of North America and of Colorado. The prominent 14,278 ft fourteener is the highest point on the Continental Divide. The first man to ascend Torreys Peak, botanist Charles Parry, named the peak for his colleague John Torrey. Torrey actually did not see the peak until 1872, 11 years later after the Charles Parry summited and named Torreys Peak.


I will be hiking Grays Peak -East Slope Trail which will take me directly to the top of Grays Peak. From the summit, I will journey along the ridge line across to Torreys Peak. Finally, I will descend down Kelso Ridge returning to the East Slope Trail and back to the starting point. With a long day of hiking ahead of me and temperatures in the 90 degree range forecasted, a large focus of my hike will be an early start, staying hydrated, and remaining aware of my body through the whole hike.


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